Jessica Lynn, a talented singer-songwriter and captivating performer, has just released her brand-new tune titled “The Morning Always Comes.” In addition to drawing creativity from her own life experiences, Jessica infuses her music with rock and blues harmonies, along with a touch of pop and a lot of soul. On July 22nd, the music video for the track will be released, and it will have dramatic visuals that will capture viewers and bring the tale to life.

The Brooklyn-born, Italian-American musician who now resides in Westchester, New York, is responsible for breaking down boundaries in country music and putting New York on the map of country music! She says that she has “certainly proved many people wrong over the years” and that she wishes to be recognized as an example for others to “always pursue your ambitions and dreams.” Her three full-length, countrywide concert television specials have been viewed by millions more people than her live performances throughout the country. Her commanding vocal range and mesmerizing stage presence highlight her considerable abilities as a prominent musician who plays the piano, guitar, harmonica, and drums.

Jessica Lynn has established herself as a multitalented powerhouse because to the fact that she writes all of her songs and pairs them with her outstanding voice. The upbeat and catchy “The Morning Always Comes” does not let the listener down. The song articulates inside reflections and feelings via harmony and melody, leaving an impression on the eardrums of all who listen to it.

Jessica is a diligent worker who has performed with artists such as Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, Montgomery Gentry, Lonestar, The Allman Betts Band, Phil Vassar, Jo Dee Messina, ZZ Top, and Loretta Lynn, who is known as the “Queen of Country.” Jessica is relentless and dedicated. Because of her high-energy and mesmerizing performances, reviewers and fans all over the globe want to see more of her. Her enthusiasm for utilizing sound to communicate tales, in addition to the fact that she writes, tours, sings, and models, has helped her become a real breakthrough star in the music industry.

Jessica is currently preparing to take the stage in support of “The Morning Always Comes” and her debut record “Lone Rider,” both of which will be released this September. Fast forward to today, and she has 15 releases that are charting on iTunes in 17 different countries. She has also received the honor of being named a Top 40 Livestreamer of 2020 by the global ticketing reporting giant Pollstar, and she has been recognized as one of the top 25 Livestreamer of the Year in 2021.

Her most recent single, “The Morning Always Comes,” is an illuminating look at love that has been lost. It is accompanied by a cinematic music video that was shot and edited by Sean Tracy, and it takes listeners on a visual journey. With her uncanny ability to bring more intimate nuances to music while also ingraining her personal experiences, she has created “The Morning Always Comes.” The music video provides a glimpse into Jessica’s creative process by showcasing her talent as a cinematographer and highlighting how it can be used to improve her ill-defined sound and style.

She says that “The Morning Always Comes” is one of her favorite songs that she has ever written since it depicts creative narrative matched to Jessica’s strong singing voice and the sounds of her rhythmic band. “The Morning Always Comes” was written by Jessica. One day, when I was relaxing in my living room, I suddenly got the distinct impression that I had sang both the words and the tune an infinite number of times before. After that, I dashed inside and finished the whole arrangement in less than a quarter of an hour. When I put down my pencil, I distinctly recall feeling something extremely amazing going on inside of me. I knew this song had to be included on my next “Lone Rider” album, so I hurried the band into the studio as soon as possible despite the fact that the record was already finished. I have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the single as well as the music video, and I am ecstatic that it has finally here. It is a narrative about longing for each night’s sleep to arrive since it is the only time you get to be with someone you love, but knowing that the morning will inevitably come no matter how much you want the night would never end and that you would have to part ways with the person you love.”

The song “The Morning Always Comes” is now playable to stream on the majority of streaming services.

A formidable musical talent, Jessica Lynn is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the industry. Her distinctive singing style and tone distinguish her from the majority of other artists working in the industry. According to “American Songwriter,” Jessica Lynn provides the “soundtrack for your emotional voyage” since she understands that love “has its ups and downs.” Jessica is a dedicated activist who brings light to humanitarian causes as an advocate for our military, the arts, and animals as well as a mentor for young women, children, and performing artists all over the world. In addition to her success as an award-winning international performer, Jessica is known for her work as a humanitarian. However, the stage is where she is happiest and most at ease, and over the summer and autumn of this year, she will be touring all across the United States. Look for more here.

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